nida-entranceThe Hochschule Rhein Main has expanded its cooperation with the renowned NIDA University in Bangkok, Thailand. Building upon the successful master exchange program, a doctoral partnership program has been formed with the International College of NIDA. This Ph.D. partnership program will facilitate the exchange of faculty and researchers between the two universities. Research from the Hochschule RheinMain who are selected as Ph.D candidates will have the opportunity to conduct research and present their thesis at ICO NIDA. Accordingly Ph.D candidates and staff at ICO NIDA are invited to partake in workshops and research at the Hochschule RheinMain.  Thus, the Hochschule Rhein Main will strengthen its overall position as a research institute as well as its international network.NIDA Campus
Prof. Dr. Winzer invested a great deal of time and effort to make this partnership possible, He highlights some of the benefits master graduates of the University Rhein Main can expect: “with this new cooperation, our graduates will have the opportunity to pursue a PhD at our partner university. They can pursue a further academic degree while gaining valuable international experience. We are very pleased to offer our Master’s students this opportunity. ”

Link: International College of National Institute of Development AdministrationICO NIDA