Doctoral trip to ICO NIDA

Beitrag vom 15. April 2017

From 21.03.2017 to 11.04.2017, doctoral candidate Judith Eisser visited the International College of the National Institute of Development and Administration (ICO NIDA) in Bangkok in order to theoretically prepare for her dissertation creation. Three PhD courses in the form of a seminar about International Management and two lecture collections about advanced research methods prepared her for her own PhD research project. All three courses were successfully completed each with an exam and a research paper concerning different aspects relevant for her dissertation.

Apart from the course work and the learning phases at ICO NIDA, Ms. Eisser used the time in Bangkok to visit monuments such as the Grand Palace and one of the other universities in Bangkok, Assumption university, where she could meet CAEBUS member Wendy Farrell, who now works there as lecturer.