Lehre Media Management E-Business HSRM
E-Business is a course in the Bachelor Degree Media Management at the Hochschule Rhein Main Department of Design computer science media.

Students gain knowledge of economic and technical foundations of e-business and its divisions. They are able to develop concepts for the realization of basic e-business models and to select appropriate technologies for their implementation. The focus is on e-commerce in the World Wide Web and on web shop systems. In addition, the students will gain skills to configure and implement selected ebusiness software systems.

The course consists of the following three areas:

E-Business (Economics Basics)

Students will gain Knowledge in the following areas:

  • Electronic Business: Basics
  • Electronic Goods
  • Elektronic Markets
  • Elektronic Marketplaces

E-Business (Technical Basics)

Students gain basic knowledge of operation, development and operation of e-and m-business technologies and applications:

  • Electronic payment systems
  • Shop and transaction systems
  • Web-based e-procurement and CRM systems
  • Search engine optimization
  • Web analytics and data mining

E-Business (Business Software)

This course aims to provide a solid understanding of the importance, value and use of information systems for effective workflow within company operations. Students will gain critical understanding of information systems for company operations by taking into account a number of system models and approaches of organizational strategies and to build up an understanding of the use of information regarding organizational and economic strategies within companies.

  • Principles
    • Process Organization and Information Management
  • Workflow Modeling and -Management
    • Computer-based Team Organization
    • Workflow Modeling and -Management for Business Software
  • Workflows for Business Software within companies